Sunday, January 28, 2007

Uncle Sean's photos of Ro

We went to visit Sean and Val on saturday and Sean took some pictures of Roman. Very well done!

Another one:

Last one:

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Impressive Railing

A Different House:

This is the amazing railing that Bryan build for Cornell's house. This rail took a long time to make but I think that these pictures show that the time was worth it!

The post caps are incredible I think. They are just meaty!

Here is the fireplace/ bookshelf/ mantle with the hardwood floor installed. This house is over the top! Expensive to buy but it sure is nice.

Nosings done right!

We completed this house a couple months ago but we got a chance to see it again to do a little warranty work. It is interesting to see the homes after the people have moved in. I like the style of these homeowners and the house looks amazing.

This house had dark stained cherry cabinets and woodwork with paint grade case & base. Those windows I cased sure look good!

I made the nosings for these stairs, it was my first attempt. Not bad I think, they look great with the tile.

Here is another shot of the bottom step

And one last look at the nosings:

Friday, January 12, 2007

I have a funny little boy!

Roman is one funny kid. He made these faces for me when I took pictures of him to print off for a book. What a cute kid. He must have gotten that from his mother!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Bryan's Bookcase/Mantle

On the house we are finishing right now, Bryan has his baby: the bookcase and mantle. It took quite a while to complete but as you see from the pictures Bryan did an amazing job. He's my brother you know!

My favorite part is the heavy mantle that runs the length of the bookshelf. While the hickory is not my favorite looking wood, with this stain on it the result is beautiful. Today the stone boys showed up and put the rock onto the fireplace and how the look is complete.

This house has the mountain theme and the stone really brings that out.

Here is what the headers in this house are like. I made all of these, it took quite a long time, I believe there were 69 total headers on the house.

Adding a nice touch to the door casings are these plinth blocks. Quite an easy way to add some extra appeal.