Saturday, August 25, 2007

My little family

As requested by Lani, here is a post with some pics of my family. Since some people have not been around this area for a while now or contacted me when in the area, I will post some pics of my handsome man and my wife.

As the picture shows, we really struggled with giving the first haircut.

The mullet was awesome while it lasted. Grandparent complaints became too much to stand so the hair came off.

oh, and yes he wants to be outside all the time, so much that it is a constant thing to have him come grab a finger and drag you over to the gate and point down the stairs. grrrrrrrrr

Then during this summer we thought he needed a cooler (as in temp) haircut so the mohawk was mid-cut. Then, more complaints let that only last one day.

Now he is a buzz like his dad.

And now he has a car. His favorite uncle, Uncle Bryan, gave him one from his plentiful toy lot.

Sorry, no family pictures to post. I will refrain from putting my pic on here, hate to scare to many people.
Will post a family pic when we have one.

Five Years!!!!!!

Whitney and I celebrated our fifth anniversary on Friday. It is crazy that we have been married for this long, yet doesn't seem too long. So here's to my wonderful wife!!! I love you.

Check out that picture! Five years just destroyed my hair, oh well, bald is beautiful.