Tuesday, September 11, 2007

excellent fishing times

I stopped for a little lunch time fishing on Monday and landed this huge rainbow, the biggest (not including pike) fish I have ever caught. That nice shoe is 14 inches long, so take a guess at how big the rainbow is. Man, that fish was a big time fighter. my heart was beating!!!!

Later that evening, Kurt and i went back and we did not bad. We each caught one. This one was 14 1/2 inches, a great little rainbow. he was a real fighter too, which makes it fun.

Kurt caught this one on his 3rd cast. It was 20 incher or so.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

My little family

As requested by Lani, here is a post with some pics of my family. Since some people have not been around this area for a while now or contacted me when in the area, I will post some pics of my handsome man and my wife.

As the picture shows, we really struggled with giving the first haircut.

The mullet was awesome while it lasted. Grandparent complaints became too much to stand so the hair came off.

oh, and yes he wants to be outside all the time, so much that it is a constant thing to have him come grab a finger and drag you over to the gate and point down the stairs. grrrrrrrrr

Then during this summer we thought he needed a cooler (as in temp) haircut so the mohawk was mid-cut. Then, more complaints let that only last one day.

Now he is a buzz like his dad.

And now he has a car. His favorite uncle, Uncle Bryan, gave him one from his plentiful toy lot.

Sorry, no family pictures to post. I will refrain from putting my pic on here, hate to scare to many people.
Will post a family pic when we have one.

Five Years!!!!!!

Whitney and I celebrated our fifth anniversary on Friday. It is crazy that we have been married for this long, yet doesn't seem too long. So here's to my wonderful wife!!! I love you.

Check out that picture! Five years just destroyed my hair, oh well, bald is beautiful.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Finished Projects

Well, both are done and into the house, used daily. I guess I will put some pictures up of them too.

Roman loves the toy cupboard. All this toys are just waiting there for him to rip out and throw on the floor! He loves that!

Whitney has filled the wardrobe as quick as we carried it into the house. Both turned out pretty well I think.

Hopefully these will keep Whit happy for a bit so my list of furniture resto items can slim down a bit! I'm hopeful but doubtful.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

New Projects - sad stage

Here are a couple of the new projects that Whit has for me to work on. It is a never ending search for the perfect furniture!


Whit's dad got this from somewhere, we are going to use it as a toy cupboard. hopefullly it will look better when finished.


A wardrobe that whit bought a bit ago. It is just a shell, so this one will take some work to put a bottom in it, some shelves, a divider between the sides and then paint it all up. But it's tall (the top of it is at eye level for me) and pretty cool so in the end it will be worth it.

inside view, doors open!

that's all for now.
the finished pics will follow. this week hopefully!

Friday, April 6, 2007

It's Almost Spring Pike Time!!!!

I am getting excited because it is almost the best pike fishing time of the year! It is almost "Top water Pike" time. These lures are the greatest time to use. The pike come flying out of the water to get a hold of them and it sometimes takes your breath away. Seriously!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

March has flown by

We are about to finish off a house in Coaldale. Hopefully tomorrow will be my last day there until Lock-Out. This house will be a real eye-catcher! I will get more pictures after the painters are done but here is the baseboard and plinth blocks. That board is 7 inch 3/4 mdf with 1 inch 1/2 mdf on top. Big and fat, just like I like my baseboard.

These next few are from a house we just did the lock-out on. It is on the other side of Coaldale. Very nice little 1700 sq. ft. house.
Bryan did a smooth job on this railing. I am a huge fan of the stain that the painters used. It is dark yet you can see the grain. Excellent.

This is actually one of the only things that i helped build in this house. I was pretty much stuck over at Cornell's house for 3 months. Al and I did this little feature, and the picture doesn't do it justice. It is amazing in person. A great simple addition to a ceiling to really make it stand out. Something similar will be in my future home.

This house has the normal Castlerock Design and Development Inc. style case and base, it looks so good. The mantle was done nicely by Bryan.

Bryan build this bench seat in the master bedroom. Quite nice I think. The heat register is build right into the baseboard! Genius!

So this is the next house we are going to. It is right next door to the "Duff" house which previously was displayed in a post. It is the first two-story house we have done. I am pumped cause this is the type of house that Whit and I hope to build in the next couple years!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

My Big Boy Roman

Roman had is birthday this past saturday. One year already! That is shocking. So we had alittle party of grandparents and a house of kids (all Bryans!!!!). Here is one of his presents that Whit got him, a nice $6 present from Superstore. He loves this little horse. When he first saw it I ran up to the face, grabbed the ear and picked it up so he could look it in the eye and started talking to it. They have been great friends ever since.

I finally got around to recovering the recliner/rocker chair that I had when I was a little boy. My grandma H. bought Sean and I these chairs and we love them. Somehow mine was the only one that survived and I found it and recovered it. Red to match many items in the house and Roman loves it. He went straight to it and climbed right on. It will be his chair for our Laker games.

He looks like such a big boy sitting with his present from Grandma Davis. Sure has more hair that I do!

As a side note, Romes got his shots today and was weighted and measured, he is 25 pounds. Can't remember height but something like 4 ft 5in. I'm sure!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Finally Done!!!!

It has been a long time coming but we are out of this house... finally... well almost. Some carpet still has to go in th office and then we put base on in there... then we are done completley!!!! Finally!
As a wrap up here we go with some pics.

This is one of my favorite parts of this house. Think brown leather couch set with a flat screen TV in the center case. Beautiful downstairs area. By the way, that is carpet on the floor. To me this picture makes it look like tile or something!

Another shot of the fireplace/ bookshelf. Just beautiful I think!

The windows downstair stained up beautifully. The boxes give so much more wood surface and really allow the colors to come out.

Here is what the headers look like finished. I think on a previous post I showed them pre-stain.

Here is a look at the railing now that the carpet has been laid on the stairs. This turned out so great. Brilliant job by Bryan!

That is all, no more pictures of this house cause I have grown tired of it! Too long to get it finished. On to the next one!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Uncle Sean's photos of Ro

We went to visit Sean and Val on saturday and Sean took some pictures of Roman. Very well done!

Another one:

Last one:

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Impressive Railing

A Different House:

This is the amazing railing that Bryan build for Cornell's house. This rail took a long time to make but I think that these pictures show that the time was worth it!

The post caps are incredible I think. They are just meaty!

Here is the fireplace/ bookshelf/ mantle with the hardwood floor installed. This house is over the top! Expensive to buy but it sure is nice.

Nosings done right!

We completed this house a couple months ago but we got a chance to see it again to do a little warranty work. It is interesting to see the homes after the people have moved in. I like the style of these homeowners and the house looks amazing.

This house had dark stained cherry cabinets and woodwork with paint grade case & base. Those windows I cased sure look good!

I made the nosings for these stairs, it was my first attempt. Not bad I think, they look great with the tile.

Here is another shot of the bottom step

And one last look at the nosings:

Friday, January 12, 2007

I have a funny little boy!

Roman is one funny kid. He made these faces for me when I took pictures of him to print off for a book. What a cute kid. He must have gotten that from his mother!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Bryan's Bookcase/Mantle

On the house we are finishing right now, Bryan has his baby: the bookcase and mantle. It took quite a while to complete but as you see from the pictures Bryan did an amazing job. He's my brother you know!

My favorite part is the heavy mantle that runs the length of the bookshelf. While the hickory is not my favorite looking wood, with this stain on it the result is beautiful. Today the stone boys showed up and put the rock onto the fireplace and how the look is complete.

This house has the mountain theme and the stone really brings that out.

Here is what the headers in this house are like. I made all of these, it took quite a long time, I believe there were 69 total headers on the house.

Adding a nice touch to the door casings are these plinth blocks. Quite an easy way to add some extra appeal.