Friday, November 14, 2008

I got another boy!

wow, been a while since post on here. Not a lot has happened since. Okay we have another family member now but other than that nothing really has happened. Except I got a new truck. Other than that, nothing has happened. Except I got another sweet saw & stand for work. Okay, no one else will think the last one is exciting but whatever. Not sure if anyone has ever looked at this blog anyways. Losers if they do!
Here are a couple pics of the new davis boy:
Mr. Finn Stewart Davis

Okay that was over two and a half months ago and he looks nothing like that kid.

here's another one

and here is a recent one of Roman who is now 2 1/2 years old. Doing what he does best, fall asleep on the couch in awkward positions:

check ya in another 6 months or so!!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I got a boat

A second post on the same day, impressive. I am good for at least 6 months now!
Anyways, I bought a fishing boat a couple weeks back. SWEET!
Because I am probably the worlds best dad I did not want Roman to be envious of my boat so I also got him one. Little tuggy there was just the ticket for my little man. He loves both boats, always wants for get in the big boat and walk around. I am excited to get it and him out on the water (if mommy lets him!)

Fireplaces and other fun stuff

So I was thinking that I should put up some pictures of some amazing fireplaces and bookshelves and things that Bryan and I have done over the past 3-4 months. Some of these are just incredible, obviously better seen in person than on here, but these are a taste.
These first ones are cherry, a fireplace/bookshelf unit. Bryan and I did this one together, of course his brains and my dense labor, and this one was stained and lacquered by him also.

Here is a close up of the mantle and the shaft. Pretty sweet cherry!

This next stuff is from the house we are just locking out, one of the owners of Castlerock. I put this up for a couple reasons, one, it is incredible looking. And second, I did most of the assembly of this stuff. I am a big fan of wainscoting and after seeing how this office/den turned out I am certain that I want to have a room in our next house that has a similar pattern.

Another wall.

This is also in the Castlerock house, the downstairs fireplace. Bryan was the sole creator on this little gem. Of course, we don't do the stone work but hey, no one looks at that anyways right?

This is the main floor fireplace/bookshelf/ tv unit in the same Castlerock house.
The doors for the boxes are on back order so for those of you who said "I don't like that it is so open"... there will be doors on everything. Matt told us today that the Lennox company (did the fireplace unit install) is going to use this as a setting for a photo shoot for some upcoming Lennox advertisements. They are bringing in a Lennox man (with the booties and everything) and a little family and are having a photo shoot. Bryan was pretty excited when he heard that. Flattering for him.

This last one is at Kevin Dudleys house. I did the finishing on this before Christmas and I conned Bryan into coming over with me to put this Knotty Alder fireplace in. It looks pretty great.

Another view.

Okay that is all for now. So those are some projects we have done lately, along with the numerous whole houses that come and go. It is all a blur most of the time, hardly any sub days and mostly finishing carpentry days.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

I thought I would put a few pictures up in case anyone out there actually looks at this blog. I noticed that the last post was some September fishing. Wow, that was a while back. Okay, here are some sweet Christmas break pictures.

Roman loves his new tool bench. He was in love with the tools as soon as he saw them. Especially the chain saw.

He loved the present thing. He got tired of opening them so he became the delivery boy. He loved picking them up and taking them to people. Too bad he doesn't read yet or it might have been efficient!

Because Whitney is the craftiest person around, and because Roman loves "blue's clue's" more than anything, Whitney made him a whole pile of stuff for him. Impressive I must say. He did not put down the "Handy Dandy Notebook" for two days!

Grandpa and Grandma Robinson got Roman a portable dvd player for long trips in the car. Excellent time watching the Wiggles and Blue while other people watched real tv.

I just like this picture, no reason other than that Roman is sure a cute kid.

Roman loves to come to jobsite and "help" dad.

Here is Roman with another of his favorite Mommy made toys. It's a money like the ones on a certain episode of blues clues, those darn monkeys keep jumping on the bed!
Whit did quite the job of making that monkey. Roman is quite protective of the monkey too, pretty funny.

And just another cute picture of the little man. What a kid. These are definately the best times in a car.

Okay that is all. I will end for another couple months.