Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

I thought I would put a few pictures up in case anyone out there actually looks at this blog. I noticed that the last post was some September fishing. Wow, that was a while back. Okay, here are some sweet Christmas break pictures.

Roman loves his new tool bench. He was in love with the tools as soon as he saw them. Especially the chain saw.

He loved the present thing. He got tired of opening them so he became the delivery boy. He loved picking them up and taking them to people. Too bad he doesn't read yet or it might have been efficient!

Because Whitney is the craftiest person around, and because Roman loves "blue's clue's" more than anything, Whitney made him a whole pile of stuff for him. Impressive I must say. He did not put down the "Handy Dandy Notebook" for two days!

Grandpa and Grandma Robinson got Roman a portable dvd player for long trips in the car. Excellent time watching the Wiggles and Blue while other people watched real tv.

I just like this picture, no reason other than that Roman is sure a cute kid.

Roman loves to come to jobsite and "help" dad.

Here is Roman with another of his favorite Mommy made toys. It's a money like the ones on a certain episode of blues clues, those darn monkeys keep jumping on the bed!
Whit did quite the job of making that monkey. Roman is quite protective of the monkey too, pretty funny.

And just another cute picture of the little man. What a kid. These are definately the best times in a car.

Okay that is all. I will end for another couple months.